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Field Joint Coating

Kemxx Nigeria Limited have over the years of operation, worked and developed on IMPP system to protect the onshore/offshore pipeline against corrosion and extreme temperatures to prevent cold spots, cracks and failures.


Blasting & Coating

Kemxx is familiar with several variations of wet abrasive methods, however the two most commonly used ones are •Hydro-blast process: Sand is mixed with water and propelled by water pressure •Vapour-blast process: The abrasive is suspended in a liquid projected at high velocity by a forceful flow of compressed air.


Onshore/Offshore Facility

Kemxx Nigeria Limited is solely a corrosion control servicing company with a track record on various corrosion prevention and cathodic protection engineering and technical services.


Well Head/Xmas Tree Maintenance

Kemxx Nigeria Limited has the technical capacity to design and apply protective coating that will best suit client service environment.

Meet Our Brand New

We are a fast growing company duly certified to carryout EPCIC servives in the oil and gas industry.

Kemxx Nigeria Limited pride herself in quality services and record-time delivery in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our Services

At Kemxx Nigeria Limited, we offer these services

Injection Molded Polyurethane (IMPU)

Kemxx specializes in multi-layer anticorrosion systems, designed and application in a wide range of thicknesses and layers to meet insulation and subsea installation requirements.

Field Joint Coating

The field joint is the bare steel area where two pipe sections meet and are welded together. Offshore pipelines and subsea production structures have thousands of field joints that need protection against corrosion and extreme weather.

Well Head/Xmas Tree maintenance

Kemxx Nigeria Limited has the technical capacity to design and apply protective coating that will best suit client service environment.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) powder coatings are applied to the welded joint area as a standalone coating system for FBE-coated pipelines.

Welding and Fabrication

Kemxx Nigeria limited is recognised for making Challenging fabrication and installations a
reality, all the while being mindful of the architectural design and customers expectations
of the final product.

Leak Repair

Kemxx Nigeria Limited has the technical competence to address all your pipeline challenges ranging from pipeline monitoring, leak detection, pipeline pigging, pipeline flushing, pipeline leak repairs etc.

Pipeline Pigging

Pigging is an in-line inspection (ILI) technique in which devices referred to “pigs” are inserted into pipelines to perform cleaning and inspection activities

Wellhead Services

Our services include routine Wellhead Maintenance as well as Wellhead Completions. Our expertise covers various Wellheads, Chokes & Valves including Cameron, Vecto Gray, FMC & Kvaerner. Comprehensive valve refurbishment are carried out by skilled engineers and technicians at our dedicated workshops in Port-Harcourt.